Tailor Tool is a custom engineering and machining company in the Ogden Utah area that is excited to serve local industry.  

CNC Machining

I have experience with very complex, close tolerance parts from a variety of hard metals.  However, I enjoy doing simple aluminum brackets too. I offer competitive pricing on all kinds of Milled parts.

Machine Design

I have extensive experience designing and building machines, tools and fixtures to meet the needs of your manufacturing company.  I can measure and modify existing equipment or build new machines.  I have built complex machines with hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, and PLC components.  Let me visit your Facility.  I may see ways to improve and streamline your process with assembly fixtures and simple machines.  

Product Design and Engineering

I have worked with dozens of customers to bring their product ideas from concept to reality.  There many steps required to bring your product to market.  I have a network of development and manufacturing resources to help make your project a success.

Injection and Blow Mold Making

This is my central focus and most refined skill.  It is often said that their must be a compromise between quality, cost and lead time.  My mold making techniques defy this idea and give me the ability to offer quality molds at a reasonable cost with short lead times.  I use a variety of modern materials such as QC 10 Aluminum, Aluminum Bronze, Mold Max Copper, S7 and H13 Steel.  My molds will out run and out last solid steel molds.